Customization for Good

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Custom Biker Headband

Everyone wants to be an individual – to be able to express their own personality and style. However there are many moments we come together in a common cause. TAWgear has recently had the pleasure to design a custom Knotty Band for a great cause. The Freedom Ride is a fund raising event put on by two local Harley Davidson stores to raise monies for MDA. Now in its 31st year using the tagline “We ride for those who can’t, but someday will with your help.” This event brings thousands or riders together in a common cause that someday we will have a cure for Muscular Dystrophy and our dream of getting kids out of wheelchairs can be accomplished. Now that is truly “Customization for Good”. TAWgear would love to help you design a custom Knotty Band for your event/rally or cause.

Freedom Ride design – with and without bling.

TAWgear can design a custom Knotty Band for your next event/rally.