American Made | Woman Owned

TAWGEAR®, a Division of That’s A Wrap! Inc.®, is also known as “TAW” by our loyal customers and clients. TAW was established in 2001 by Valerie Hirsch (pictured) in Madison, Wisconsin. Valerie combined her education and experience in the fashion industry with her love of riding into a high-quality boutique headwear brand. TAW has grown to encompass both retail consumers as well as wholesale clientele like Harley-Davidson and Indian dealerships and private labeling for Yamaha and Cycle World.

Focusing on four key areas, TAWGEAR continues to be a leader in active lifestyle head and neck wear products. Innovation. From design to functionality, we continue to make our products more comfortable and unique along with being able to function as intended. Quality. Creating the headwear ourselves, we can control the quality of the final product. Service. We strive to provide you with the most unique, quality-built and custom head and neck wear money can buy. American Made. Keeping our production in the United States is not only good for America, it also helps our communities by bringing the jobs home.

TAWGEAR strives to provide stylish head and hair management solutions for both men and women. Our product is used in a multitude of lifestyle pursuits such as running, yoga, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, construction work, snow sports and more. Or if you are just having a bad hair day, we are there to solve all your hair management needs.

We also are proud to offer in-house customization for all your personalized branding needs. Please give us a call to discuss at 608-327-2200 or email us at Recently, we have developed a customization tool on the website where you can design your own head and neck wear. Customers can now come and make their own product for the same cost as her regularly priced merchandise. “Being able to help people make one or a dozen products with their own art or branding is very rewarding. Customizing our motorcycles is our culture, why not your headwear also!”

Valerie has also created what shes calls “headwear with a heart”. One of her latest innovations is the printing 0f special messages on the inside of what she also calls her “Hallmark Card” Knotty Bands™. If you look inside her Knotty Bands™ you will see personal messages from her to you, one being “I wish you well on the road of life!”  There are also designs and dedications for our men and women in uniform past and present. Having family that have both served and fallen, these products are especially near and dear to her heart.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our website. We look forward to gaining your patronage and we hope to see you on the road of life!

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