Headwear with a Heart!

Last Updated on September 24, 2015 by valeriehirsch

With October fast approaching, we often see a large united front with the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.  We wish this struggle would come to an end, and that we would find a cure for this as well as all the other diseases that need awareness called to them.  We carry this hope for cures, and share it in the messages of hope that we are embellishing onto the inside of our Knotty Bands™.  We are able to uniquely provide personalized messages for any person, event or even print our Knotty Bands™ with your own words of hope.

Shown are 5 color variations for your reference, and other colors are available upon request, with or without rhinestones.  Email us at with any further questions or requests.  Here’s a quick link showing a list of awareness ribbons:  Click Here

Awareness Ribbon Knotty Band-YellowAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-RedAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-GreenAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-PinkAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-Purple


That’s a Wrap! also offers headwraps embroidered with awareness ribbons in support of different causes.  See below:
All items shown are embroidered, and is a representation.  Other colors are available.

Awareness Ribbon Headwrap-PinkAwareness Ribbon Headwrap-Purple
Awareness Ribbon Headwrap-YellowAwareness Ribbon Headwrap-GreenAwareness Ribbon Headwrap-Red