Why Clothing Made In USA?

Buying clothing Made in the USA is good for you and your country!

American made products help to build and maintain a stable, growth-oriented American workforce and economy. It has been proven, the more we invest in products Made in the USA, the greater our domestic growth and the more US jobs we create. It is an investment in the future of this country. We are all in this together!

That’s a Wrap! has been dedicated to this cause for over 15 years. We are here to provide you with the best headwear choices at the best quality and the most competitive prices – all products labeled “That’s a Wrap!” or our acronym “tawgear” are Made in the USA. We support and procure labor, American jobs, US manufacturing and the success of this great country!

It is a real shame, but nearly 98% of the clothing bought in the USA is manufactured overseas. That’s a Wrap! takes great pride in stating that we are part of the growing 2% who are committed to reversing this trend and are 100% dedicated to American made apparel for Americans!

America holds a long and rich history in textile and clothing production. Unfortunately, the growing appetite for cheap goods and exorbitant profits has swept that great American tradition under the rug for the past few decades. While a handful of dedicated and amazing manufacturers have continued to successfully produce exceptional clothing and fabric at fair prices (while paying Americans a living wage to produce them!), others have vanished from the marketplace. We applaud our American manufacturers who have made the decision to keep their businesses here at home in the USA.

The good news? America’s textile and apparel industries are investing in new technologies at unprecedented rates. As a result, the industry at large has a broadening ability to produce clothing and apparel right here in the USA that is not only superior in quality and construction, but also price competitive in the world market today…

Support America:

We are all in this together. Buying clothes that are made in the USA means you are making a valuable contribution to the success of domestic manufacturing. When you choose to buy American, you help to support the economy and the long-term security of jobs – your friends, family and neighbors jobs. That is why the clothing, footwear, work wear, outerwear and wholesale apparel we sell are all made right here in the USA!

Our goal is to offer you the best headwear at affordable prices from domestic manufacturers who are as determined as you are to do their part. If we all work together, we will continue to revitalize our country’s economy, growth and American prosperity.

Thank you, Valerie Hirsch, President of That’s a Wrap!