What separates TAWgear from the rest – ESPECIALLY IMPORTS?

The buzz in politics today is not too far from our own:  “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!

We are here everyday making products with American workers.  Yes, you can make a difference by placing votes now.  Your purchase is your vote to bring the jobs home, and keep them here.

We create and craft here.  We do not copy and steal intellectual property and call it our own and put our name on it.  Did we in the past?  Yes, and it was wrong.  Our success is now solely based on our own ingenuity, creativity and integrity which gives this company its heart and soul, words that are part of foundation for our country’s beginnings.  We are here to work with our community, our customers, you!  Is a foreign company going to provide you that?

We want to share this same genuine love and belief in our own homegrown creativity and style by affording YOU the tools to create the products that work for you and your lifestyle. You’re an individual, you are unique and original, and you know what works for you which may not always be mainstream.

Join us in creating your own products just for you on our “Design Your Own” product line.   By keeping our design and production here in the U.S., our talented staff can quickly create new, customized designs and products, and get them to you within days.  That is something the imports simply can’t match.

Choose from a variety of fabric colors, rhinestones, closures, and elastic sweatband options to build your headgear that compliments your own unique style!  Look for this logo design your own2
on products that can be customized, then get busy, Designer. and thank you for your vote!


Choose your fabric color!                                                                                                                                                       Would you like to add rhinestones?

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