Keep your headwrap on your head, NOT the highway!

We’ve all had this happen:  Its a beautiful day out, the sun is shining, and you’re out on your bike.  You’re feeling relaxed, and at peace with the world.  That is, until you feel your Do-rag fly off of your head, and shoot away from you down the highway!  Now you’re not feeling so peaceful anymore, your head is naked, and you are probably cursing the company that made your headwrap.

“Why can’t someone make a Do Rag that stays ON MY HEAD?!”

Well, That’s a Wrap! did exactly that!

Watch the video below for more information:


Hi, I’m Valerie from That’s a Wrap, and I’m here to answer the age-old question: “Does your product stay on while riding.”

Well,  we’ve answered that in a couple of different ways.

One of the ways is with our very successful sweat band elastic system. To further improve upon that, we have now implemented our Head Grippers™ technology that you can see here:

Let’s take a closer look.  So here you see our exclusive, patented, silicon strip that has been added to our already successful sweatband elastic system.   The silicon is virtually indestructible.

It won’t crack in extreme heat or cold,  won’t wear off with washing, and is slip-resistant with sweat.

So you can see from the combination of the sweatband elastic and our Headgrippers technology, this is going stay on your head and not on the highway.  We put it into our traditional headwrap, with the tail, in a full-circumference design, or in just the forehead area only as well as our stretch wrap: forehead or all around.  This is perfect for people with fine hair as well (take noted that ladies)

as far as our skullcap, it is available in our skullcap, no tail, full circumference only.  Remember, buy American-made.

Thank you for watching and That’s a Wrap!