biker headbands

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TAWGEAR® biker headbands are “MADE IN THE USA”! The headbands are crafted from 100% quilters grade cotton for superior comfort. We also pride ourselves on not only the comfort but the fit of our biker headbands. We’ve been told, and we know from experience, they stay on better than any other headbands on the market.

That’s A Wrap! biker headbands come in a large variety of styles and designs. You can customize our biker headbands with either our moisture-sealing sweatbands in just the forehead area or a full wrap around elastic sweatband system. Both are now infused with Headgrippers™ technology, for no extra charge!

What are Headgrippers? Headgrippers are the same great sweatbands we have always had, but now infused with a non-slip silicone strip, then sewn inside the brim of our head wear, creating a tight, sweat proof seal. Anti-slip Headgrippers dramatically improve the fit of the headbands, holding it in place despite sweat, high speeds, or thinner hair. With Headgrippers technology from TAWgear you can feel safe knowing your biker headband will stay on your head, not on the highway.

Biker Headbands

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