Biker Headwraps – The Beginning of That’s a Wrap!

That’s a Wrap!™ (acronym “TAW”) was named as a play on words for our first product, biker head wraps (also spelled “headwrap”).  We also love great movies, and thought it would be fun to name a lot of our headwrap styles after great movies or other pop culture genres.

We first started out with 12 biker head wrap (headwrap) styles back in 2001, and have grown to over 700 various versions of biker hats.  Not only do we carry headwraps (old school name, doo rags), but we now carry a full selection of primarily unisex biker hats from Biker Bandanas to Skull Cap styles.  Of course, we go girly with our bling headbands, rhinestone headbands which we christened with the name Knotty Bands™.  Our other version of a headband are our Do Bands™ which offer a velcro or tie closure.

We have worked long and hard with suppliers within the U.S. to continue to develop and supply raw materials domestically, and in doing so have created headwraps exclusive to us while contributing to the American economy and labor pool.  Many of our styles which we will just call headwraps from here on, are prints we have selected or developed to be printed on a fabric that took us 2 years to source.  You can’t find softer fabric anywhere but here.  We use this super soft fabric in as much of the TAW product line of headwraps as possible.

We continue to try to bring fresh new and exclusive biker head wraps designs to the market always trying to balance fashion and function.  We hope that if you are looking for unique, quality products at an affordable price, you turn to us for your answer.  All of our biker head wraps are Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

See where it all began: