TAWGEAR prides itself on having something for everyone. We produce many styles of biker headwear for many different tastes.  To make your selection easier, here are some breakdowns on our popular biker headwear styles:

  • Headwraps: 100% cotton “do rags” with a tail to protect your neck from the sun. headwraps
  • Stretchwraps: made from a combination of lycra and spandex, these provide full-head coverage without a tail. Stretchwraps
  • Knotty bands: A stretchy enclosed headband with a knot in the back.  Knotty Bands
  • Do Bands: A terry cloth-lined headband with a cotton twill exterior.  Available either with a velcro closure or with a fabric tie back. Do Bands
  • Skullcaps: Available in a variety of materials, these provide the wearer full head coverage, while being able to fit comfortably under a helmet.  Skullcaps
  • Cordlock socks: A full-head covering wrap with a hollow tail to protect hair from sun and wind damage.  These have an adjustable cordlock system to fit any sized head. Biker Hats-Cordlock Socks
  • Beanies:  The classic biker hat!  These come in a variety of styles for men or women.  Biker hats-beanies

With so many biker hats and styles to choose from, the only difficulty is finding  just one to get! Made in America.