Headwear with a Heart!

With October fast approaching, we often see a large united front with the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.  We wish this struggle would come to an end, and that we would find a cure for this as well as all the other diseases that need awareness called to them.  We carry this hope for cures, and share it in the messages of hope that we are embellishing onto the inside of our Knotty Bands™.  We are able to uniquely provide personalized messages for any person, event or even print our Knotty Bands™ with your own words of hope.

Shown are 5 color variations for your reference, and other colors are available upon request, with or without rhinestones.  Email us at info@tawgear.com with any further questions or requests.  Here’s a quick link showing a list of awareness ribbons:  Click Here

Awareness Ribbon Knotty Band-YellowAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-RedAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-GreenAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-PinkAwareness Ribbon Knotty Band-Purple


That’s a Wrap! also offers headwraps embroidered with awareness ribbons in support of different causes.  See below:
All items shown are embroidered, and is a representation.  Other colors are available.

Awareness Ribbon Headwrap-PinkAwareness Ribbon Headwrap-Purple
Awareness Ribbon Headwrap-YellowAwareness Ribbon Headwrap-GreenAwareness Ribbon Headwrap-Red

Biker Headwraps – The Beginning of That’s a Wrap!

That’s a Wrap!™ (acronym “TAW”) was named as a play on words for our first product, biker head wraps (also spelled “headwrap”).  We also love great movies, and thought it would be fun to name a lot of our headwrap styles after great movies or other pop culture genres.

We first started out with 12 biker head wrap (headwrap) styles back in 2001, and have grown to over 700 various versions of biker hats.  Not only do we carry headwraps (old school name, doo rags), but we now carry a full selection of primarily unisex biker hats from Biker Bandanas to Skull Cap styles.  Of course, we go girly with our bling headbands, rhinestone headbands which we christened with the name Knotty Bands™.  Our other version of a headband are our Do Bands™ which offer a velcro or tie closure.

We have worked long and hard with suppliers within the U.S. to continue to develop and supply raw materials domestically, and in doing so have created headwraps exclusive to us while contributing to the American economy and labor pool.  Many of our styles which we will just call headwraps from here on, are prints we have selected or developed to be printed on a fabric that took us 2 years to source.  You can’t find softer fabric anywhere but here.  We use this super soft fabric in as much of the TAW product line of headwraps as possible.

We continue to try to bring fresh new and exclusive biker head wraps designs to the market always trying to balance fashion and function.  We hope that if you are looking for unique, quality products at an affordable price, you turn to us for your answer.  All of our biker head wraps are Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

See where it all began:  http://tawgear.wpengine.com/product-category/headwear/headwraps/headwraps-dorags/

Why Clothing Made In USA?

Buying clothing Made in the USA is good for you and your country!

American made products help to build and maintain a stable, growth-oriented American workforce and economy. It has been proven, the more we invest in products Made in the USA, the greater our domestic growth and the more US jobs we create. It is an investment in the future of this country. We are all in this together!

That’s a Wrap! has been dedicated to this cause for over 15 years. We are here to provide you with the best headwear choices at the best quality and the most competitive prices – all products labeled “That’s a Wrap!” or our acronym “tawgear” are Made in the USA. We support and procure labor, American jobs, US manufacturing and the success of this great country!

It is a real shame, but nearly 98% of the clothing bought in the USA is manufactured overseas. That’s a Wrap! takes great pride in stating that we are part of the growing 2% who are committed to reversing this trend and are 100% dedicated to American made apparel for Americans!

America holds a long and rich history in textile and clothing production. Unfortunately, the growing appetite for cheap goods and exorbitant profits has swept that great American tradition under the rug for the past few decades. While a handful of dedicated and amazing manufacturers have continued to successfully produce exceptional clothing and fabric at fair prices (while paying Americans a living wage to produce them!), others have vanished from the marketplace. We applaud our American manufacturers who have made the decision to keep their businesses here at home in the USA.

The good news? America’s textile and apparel industries are investing in new technologies at unprecedented rates. As a result, the industry at large has a broadening ability to produce clothing and apparel right here in the USA that is not only superior in quality and construction, but also price competitive in the world market today…

Support America:

We are all in this together. Buying clothes that are made in the USA means you are making a valuable contribution to the success of domestic manufacturing. When you choose to buy American, you help to support the economy and the long-term security of jobs – your friends, family and neighbors jobs. That is why the clothing, footwear, work wear, outerwear and wholesale apparel we sell are all made right here in the USA!

Our goal is to offer you the best headwear at affordable prices from domestic manufacturers who are as determined as you are to do their part. If we all work together, we will continue to revitalize our country’s economy, growth and American prosperity.

Thank you, Valerie Hirsch, President of That’s a Wrap!


What separates TAWgear from the rest – ESPECIALLY IMPORTS?

The buzz in politics today is not too far from our own:  “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!

We are here everyday making products with American workers.  Yes, you can make a difference by placing votes now.  Your purchase is your vote to bring the jobs home, and keep them here.

We create and craft here.  We do not copy and steal intellectual property and call it our own and put our name on it.  Did we in the past?  Yes, and it was wrong.  Our success is now solely based on our own ingenuity, creativity and integrity which gives this company its heart and soul, words that are part of foundation for our country’s beginnings.  We are here to work with our community, our customers, you!  Is a foreign company going to provide you that?

We want to share this same genuine love and belief in our own homegrown creativity and style by affording YOU the tools to create the products that work for you and your lifestyle. You’re an individual, you are unique and original, and you know what works for you which may not always be mainstream.

Join us in creating your own products just for you on our “Design Your Own” product line.   By keeping our design and production here in the U.S., our talented staff can quickly create new, customized designs and products, and get them to you within days.  That is something the imports simply can’t match.

Choose from a variety of fabric colors, rhinestones, closures, and elastic sweatband options to build your headgear that compliments your own unique style!  Look for this logo design your own2
on products that can be customized, then get busy, Designer. and thank you for your vote!


Choose your fabric color!                                                                                                                                                       Would you like to add rhinestones?

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